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Select WordPress Theme & Template
Once you sign up for a new WordPress website, our team will guide you through a process of selecting a new design or theme. These themes have been pre-worked, licensed and provided as fixed templates. This is both a proven method and the most convenient way to start any WordPress website. They are crafted by a range of experienced authors and in turn, vetted by our team to ensure suitability in all aspects of design and or updates. We then allow you time to review the fixed design and highlight areas of interest and potential editing. Depending on your requirements this process can take 1 - 48 hours
Identify WordPress Page Structure
This process creates a clear path forward once the theme is selected, using your required content pages as well as data and page formats. You can interpret by viewing this document www.webclub.live/wirefame which essentially, is the framework from most websites. If updating an existing WordPress website then the task is simplified by referencing the original site. However, a new WordPress website requires a more detailed plan with a range of data. This consists of text, images and other material that is warranted to define the pages and website intent. Depending on your requirements this process can take 1 - 72 hours
Business Resources – Logo /Address/Email/More
A WordPress website is an online portal that represents a business, product or any online project and as such, a range of resources are required. This will involve a designated logo in either png or jpeg formats, marketing or branding material that are applicable and any other relevant key information. Additional resources can also include a range of data or tools such as business documents, tutorials, advice manuals, calculators, staff information and much more. This phase is extremely flexibility relative to what type of data and resources you need, whilst discussing further with our team. This process can take 1-72 Hours
Customize Design – Make Custom Changes
Making changes to an existing or pre-designed template can be extremely time consuming. Layers of these themes can vary and thus applying different levels of customization may or may be possible. This is very dependant on the actual request and end goal as well. We highly recommend the selection of a template that is close to your desired end result, as this would expedite the entire WordPress website design cycle. Design is also very subjective and it’s imperative that when using this WordPress website system, we avoid bottlenecks and delays. Depending on your requirements this process can take 1 – 72 Hours.
Content Population – Apply Personal/Business Data/Images
This is the most critical stage of any online platform or website. In essence this data rich component creates awareness, engagement, translation, marketing which all culminates into new clients and online traction. The nature of the content must directly reflect the purpose of the site and as such, critical keywords can be identified and embedded to ensure more content rich data. This correlates to various elements and site features including staff profiles, business information and images, applications, or any other required submissions. Most data is generally provided. Depending on your requirements this process can take 1-72 hours
Functions & Features – Chat/Order/Woocommerce/Othe
A website can become a key operational tool for any online business or project, providing functionality in either direct or indirect parts of your business. This can include customer service, online chat, quoting systems, online purchases, enquiries and other tasks as identified. This component of the WordPress website can be very selective, as each process can require either standard functions and features or indeed a higher level of customization. Proper assessment is required to ensure this main series of features is done in line with expectations. Depending on your requirements this process can take 1- 72 hours.
Add Plug Ins – Standard/Functional/Custom/Other
A WordPress website is completely reliant of applications called plug ins. The entire WordPress website eco system is both designed and built on this technology, which determines all the operational outcomes. Since it’s inception and repaid growth, individual developers and authors have worked as a collaborative community to expand the range of these plug ins. As a general rule all sites will require a compulsory plug in set to ensure security, SEO, cache and more for compatibility to the online environment. Your consultant will advise the best solutions. Depending on requirements this process can take 1 – 72 hours
On Page SEO – Mets Tags/Alt Tags/H Tags/Keywords
This task revolves around creating basic on page SEO structure from a search perspective, which is indeed very important. Various elements and complications can exist and in turn, the level of on page SEO optimization can vary greatly. Our service however is not geared towards applying the most advanced version, just a standard set up to ensure a smooth online launch. Our online support team will ask a series of questions relative to your site and will add these to the script based on our checklist and criteria. This does not guarantee search results. Depending on requirements this process can take 1 – 4 hours.
QA Process – Responsive/Speed/Security/Reports
Once we reach this stage of the program we are nearing the launch phase. The team will now proceed with a series of testing, assessing and processing, that will optimize performance and also secure the new website files. This stage validates all the proceeding steps, with a standard QA system that details and affirms, all the performance essentials. The team will also ensure vital indicators such as speed, security, mobility and more are intact and approved for final launch. You will also be asked to check your site for any final updates or changes. Depending on requirements this process can take 1 – 12 hours.
Launch – Server Set Up/Load & Configure Files
Congratulations, you have reached the final frontier of this program and ready to launch your new WordPress website. This is a very delicate stage and heavily reliant on our team having either CPanel of FTP access to your hosting service or provider. Setting up files is a critical phase of the launching process and requires clear communication and information translation, with our team. If there are issues with your host provider, our team will inform you on the best way to finalize this process. Server speed and other technical aspects are flexible and not part of our service. Depending on requirements this process can take 1 – 12 hours.

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