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Top WordPress Bug Fixing Tips

Even though WordPress might seem easy to use, you are likely to encounter issues along the way. This is why it is important that you learn more about WordPress bug fixing. It will allow you to keep your website up and running. When you first encounter WordPress errors, you are likely to panic. However, you should be able to resolve the errors if you consider the following way and if not, WebClub Live can assist.

  1. Fix Internal Server Error

One of the most important WordPress bug fixing tips that you need to know is how to fix internal server error. It might seem to be the most confusing WordPress error for beginners. Whether you encounter 500 Internal Server Error or Internal Server Error, you can easily fix it. It appears when something is wrong and the server cannot identify the problem. This means that you have to figure out what to do. You can search for internal server solutions to find out which solution works for you.

  1. This Website Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

A fatal error protection feature was launched by WordPress 5.2. It displays the statement “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”. WordPress will send you an email notification to provide you full details on the WordPress admin email address. It will contain a link to the backend so that you can fix it. You can try WordPress bug fixing by ensuring that the WordPress admin email address is correct.   

  1. Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

When you try to add code snippets to WordPress, you will encounter Fix Syntax Error. It occurs when you the code has incorrect syntax or you missed something. It would cause a PHP parse error. It would indicate something unexpected found in the code and point you to the location where the error is detected. You only need to correct the syntax for WordPress bug fixing.

  1. Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

If you encounter this error message, it simply means that your website cannot connect to the database. But, it can be tricky for beginners to solve this error. When you enter or modify your database credentials such as database password, database username, or database host incorrectly, your database server would become corrupted or unresponsive. You just need to correct the mistake to fix the error.

  1. Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

As much as you might want to avoid this error, you will come across it. The symptoms of the error include when a user visits a single post on the website, a 404 page – not found error appears. Even though you might be able to browse all other sections of the website, you would be unable to load a single post. Permalink settings are likely to be the problem. You just need to manually update the rewrite rules or reconfigure permalinks settings for WordPress bug fixing


After you have finished reading our post, you will know basic WordPress bug fixing. However, it is still important that you seek a professional such as WebClub Live to help you out as there are many other errors that you might encounter from time to time. Our team is highly sensitive to all matters relating to hacked sites and therefore will ensure the most reliable and accurate WordPress bug fixing as well. So please don’t hesitate to contact WebClub Live.

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