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How Do Cybercriminals WordPress Hack?

Hackers use a variety of techniques to attack businesses and individuals online. They are interested in stealing your private data, shutting down your website, and controlling your computer. Web application security is the need of the hour and WebClub Live has the right solutions including live real time assistance as well. However, hackers can still WordPress hack as they are experts and use multiple methods to get the job done. If you are interested in these techniques, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out what hackers do and how WebClub Live can also assist.

  1. Use MySQL

One of the ways a WordPress hack is carried out is by using MySQL. Hackers use the method for creating a new account or changing the existing password of a website user. A direct MySQL access or cPanel access is just what they need for accessing the website database. It is common to change the password of existing users for carrying out the hack. Hackers use cPanel and search from the list of tables to find the ending users. The method requires a great deal of effort but is worth it. Once the user has been located, the hacker will change the password using the MD5 generator.

  1. Functions.php

Another method to WordPress hack is by editing functions.php from cPanel and utilizing an FTP client. Hackers can open File Manager with cPanel and locate the active theme folder. Then, they proceed with locating the theme and editing functions.php. Code is added before the closing tag. It will allow the hacker to create a new account and simply remove the code once this is done. WebClub Live can provided added security practices to alleviate this.

  1. Other Hacking Methods

Once hackers know the FTP, MySQL, or cPanel password, they can easily access the server and access WordPress installation. Hackers do not stop there. They will make your life miserable through the WordPress hack. You have to be very careful when using any of the accounts.

  1. Create the Backdoor

If hackers cannot access through the front door, they can use the backdoor to carry out their WordPress hack. You might think of it as a malicious way to use code for entering your website and controlling it. However, even website owners use the same technique for controlling the website. When the backdoor is vulnerable, hackers can easily gain access to your website. It occurs when there is some code hidden behind the WordPress environment. Hackers will use admin privileges to gain access. Even though the information can be deleted, website owners do not know much about backdoor entrances.

  1. Use FTP to Create New Users

Finally, hackers can even create new users through FTP to hack your account. When HTTP is out of reach, access can be gained to the FTP server to create new admin rights to WordPress hack. Being an admin would provide necessary information for logging into the server and creating new user accounts.  WebClub Live is the real time solution here.


After you have finished reading our post, you will know how hackers can penetrate into a system. It is important that you are careful and leave no loopholes for the hackers to get a hold of your server. If you experience a WordPress hack, you need to reach out to WebClub Live to help you out.

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