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WordPress Shortcode Not Working: What to Do?

Shortcodes are extremely important. They play a huge role in the world of WordPress. You will find them to be tremendously useful. You can use a shortcode to create expansive content for your widgets, pages, and posts without having to write your own PHP or HTML code. For instance, you might have used the gallery shortcode between square brackets to add a specific gallery to the post or page. However, developers know how to take things to the next level using extensive plugins when WordPress shortcode tot working.

With shortcodes, there is no limit to what you can create. In fact, you can easily create product showcases, provide alternative options to users, and more. What makes them useful is the fact that you no longer have to duplicate anything as all you have to do is copy and paste the shortcode wherever you need for adding content. The process is rather straightforward. However, there come times where WordPress shortcode does not work. You might not know what to do in such a case. But, there is no need to worry as we have got you covered. Read on to find out how you can resolve WordPress shortcode not working.

  1. Check to See If the Plugin Is Activated

One of the easiest tips that will help you fix WordPress shortcode not working is checking out if the plugin is even activated. A lot of the time, the plugin might not even be activated. Hence, it might be to blame for the problem. All you have to do to see if the plugin is activated or not is head over to the main WordPress dashboard and select plugins. Then, you must go through the plugins to see if the right plugin is activated or not. In case, it is not activated, you can easily activate it by clicking on it.

  1. Find Out If the Shortcode Is In the Main Plugin File

The next thing that you can do if the problem does not get resolved is find out if the shortcode is even in the main plugin file or not. If the code is located in another file inside the plugin, you will have to include the extra file in the main plugin file. It should help fix the problem.

  1. Debug the Plugin

If you had deactivated the plugin due to any type of error, you will have to debug it before you can activate it to resolve the WordPress shortcode not working. You can download Debug Objects from WordPress.org to easily debug the plugin and ensure that the issue is taken care of. It should not take a long time since debugging files is relatively straightforward.

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