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All packages basically provide the same level of services, but they are relative to the timeframe and urgency of the work required. If you need instant support and we have available staff, you would have to comply with the Web Club SOS Gig. The response time is clearly indicated on each package.

What does LIVE mean exactly?

Our online website design, development, support and maintenance service is considered LIVE, on several fronts. We offer both a LIVE and instant service as well as the opportunity, to work exclusively LIVE and in real time with our team. This is dependent on the package chosen and also the response time required. We will make every effort to have LIVE support staff available, in all time zones globally.

Is my data and log in credentials protected?

Yes, all data submitted for access to website files and servers will be deleted immediately upon completion of all tasks. Furthermore, we encourage all end users to change their passwords as well, to ensure additional protection and security as well.

What sort of WordPress services do you offer?

We offer a range of standard services relative to WordPress malware, content and plug in updates, basic website development and more. Our Services page does provide further information - https://webclub.live/services/

Office Location

Unit 10/40-44 Wright Road
Keilor Park Melbourne VIC 3042

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Support: info@webclub.live

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